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Moving? we do it over 8000 times a year! welcome to our world, we help people just like you with their move to a new home. The most important thing you can have when moving is knowledge. Planning your move right, negotiating with moving companies, know how to save money while moving. we can help you do all that and more! knowing the industry from within we will give you all the knowledge you need, you can download our free eBooks and search our moving tips blog for advice. We can get you moving boxes at the same price and quality that your movers are using. Most important we can negotiate the movers for you, getting you the best prices and services. all you have to do is fill the short form and we will do the rest! we also recommend to use east coast moving companies .  Good luck with your move.

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Set a priority system

Now here is the trick – make a priority system and mark your items by priority. For example: Priority 1 can be packed right away (winter cloths in the summer, books, attic, etc..). Priority 2 should be packed 2 days before the move (china, toys, garden furniture, etc..). Priority 3 to be packed last (Important Items you would want to use until the moving day) 520-x-128-how-to-pack-for-a-move-items-by-_priority You can make your own priorities by your needs and shouldn’t only use my example, take anhourto talk to your partners about how to pack for a move, it will relieve you and them fromthe stress and tension. It will also help you determine what is their priority as you don’t want to createtension by making all the decisions for them. Teach your whole family or friends how to pack for a move and make them involved so you can turn it into a fun and connecting experience. This list will make your life so much easier, and this is proven by over two hundred of our readers who contacted“How to pack for a move” to thank me for it.­

Time to gather them packing materials

Now that you have your list and you are ready to start packing, you will really want to know what packing materials you will need and more important, how much! You have two solutions here; 1st, If you are on a budget or if you don’t want to buy more than you should, as I recommend, you should go over your list and start estimating: How many boxes or for the clothes ( Don’t try to pack clothes solely in plastic or nylon bags, only in boxes and suitcases). How many china boxes for your kitchen? (Don’t save money on that, it’s a long drive and you want everything to come in one piece). How many shrink-wraps, bubble-wraps and tape will you need (whatever you think you need, take double!) How many mirror boxes. How many wardrobe boxes. One important note about moving blankets. If your chosen moving company won’t wrap your basic furniture with pads and blankets, pick another company! A full service mover should be able to wrap and protect all basic items. If you decided to do it yourself, renting a moving truck or using pods or containers which is the more economical option but not my first or second choice for various reasons, then you will have to purchase moving blankets and a disassemble kit for your furniture. 2nd, option will be to pay a bit more and buy moving kits. how to pack for a move official recommendation is to always buy one extra kit, means that if you have a two bedroom apartment, you should purchase a three bedroom apartment moving kit. Now, that recommendation is only in order to prevent a situation in which you ran out of packing materials, I assure you that not everything will be used when buying moving kits but it is much better to have more than less. Oh, and never buy moving kits from the movers – it will cost you much more. Save and buy it direct from  the manufacture itself. That’s where the movers buy it from! Check this here.

Here's a tip if you are going for free boxes

You can get free boxes, in good shape, in supermarkets, pharmacies and hospitals, and its wise to get some used paper to be able to wrap glass items and protect vanity items.How to pack for a move don’t recommend using the already used boxes for packing clothes and fragile items for the obvious reason that you can never know how many times this box have been used and mostly, what it was used for. at the end driving around looking for packing materials is time and money which are not wisely spent to my opinion.  saving maybe as little as 100$ for all that headache of collecting used packing materials. with no guarantee that the used boxes will actually protect you items, is a bad deal. At the end you will have to decide what is a good deal for your needs and budget. The thing i like about the idea of reusing boxes is that it’s contributing to our environment. well.. not at the price of my fragile home cinema electronic system and  my wife’s porcelain teapot set. I compromise by ordering from Eco boxes, which recycle old carton and paper to make me a brand new Eco moving kit! Here’s the link

Dedicate an area at your home for packed boxes

You want your house in order while packing, and making it look like a maze may be fun for 548x365-moving-house children and pets, but for you it’s a pain.Create a dedicated area in your house or wherever you can find. Make sure you pile all the packed items safely with no chance of anything risking your family or moving partners. If you have kids or pets, prevent them from playing in that room, or spending time in it, for safety reasons. We are here to show you how to pack for a move and we don’t want to hear about accidents, Safety first!

Get better protection with Filling materials

548x365-moving-housePacking moving boxes should be given more thought than you think, basically if you chose a decent moving company you will only need to pack your boxes and wrap and protect special and fragile items. Try to choose medium size boxes mostly, it’s not a must, but from experience it will help your item arrive to your destination in better shape and they are easier to pack correctly. Don’t leave voids and empty space in your boxes. Have some filling materials to fill out any empty space to prevent damage to your items.

Wrapping and protecting your items

How to pack for a move recommends using jumbo plastic bags to wrap your clothes before you put them into the box.Keep the boxes away from any moisture and prevent water from coming in contact with the boxes.Clearly mark the boxes with the following information: The content of the box, Room in the new house, mention if its fragile on all the boxes sides. make sure you use a good quality marker, no pens pencils or highlighters. A tip for labeling the boxes using a color code: I prefer using a color coding. it’s a great tip some moving company uses. dedicate a color for each zone or floor at your house. then you can add a number to tell you which room or sub zone that box is going. later map your new house to the color zones. it helps a lot when unloading the big truck. especially after 3 Hr of hard intensive work, when the body and brain are tired.  That’s when it is better have a visual system that is easy for a tired brain to comprehend. it will increase time of unloading and the numbers of questions of the moving crew. Make it simple as well 30 colors will not make it easy on the movers so 3-4 is enough for an average house with a basement, a ground floor and an attic.

Disassemble and reassembly of furniture

How to pack for a move recommends that unless if you are qualified for it, all the disassemble and reassemble of your furniture will be done by professionals and the same goes for thewrapping and protecting. If you choose to do it yourself please look for online manuals for the disassemble and reassembly. Protecting furniture will require a large amount of pads, moving blankets, bubble wrap andshrink wrap, make sure you protect the whole piece of furniture with special care for the cornersas they are more likely to be damaged during a move. 500x333 movers loading a truck with boxes

Wrapping and protecting glass items

Try to separate fragile parts like mirrors and glass to be able to wrap these items separately. This is a tricky one, how to pack for a move’s official recommendation is to agree with your moving company to handle the packing of any mirror or glass items. If you agree on a price ahead of the moving day you will pay much less so it’s better to negotiate with the salesman upon booking , most moving companies will also throw in a few of these specialty packing for free if they feel that it will help you make your decision to choose them to handle your move. Alright, you decided to do it yourself, here is how you do it: Wrap the glass with clean paper and shrink wrap it tightly, then cover it with one round of bubble wrap and tape it tightly, then cover everything with an adjusted carton box, tape it, shrink wrap the carton and bubble wrap again. Not an easy task, but essential, if you got a slight headache from reading these instructions you might want to reconsider and take the how to pack for a move recommendation. Vanity items are just like glass items

There are two ways to pack a TV

1st, if you have the original box for the TV, that includes all the bags and protective foam, you can use it to re pack the TV, we also recommend to add a round of bubble wrap to the box just in case. 2nd, In case you don’t have the original box, you will need to purchase a box to fit your TV and repeat the procedure above. How to pack for a move recommends buying the box and not to just wait for the moving day as in that case most moving companies will charge you a large amount for such specialty packing and no driver will allow an unprotected TV on his truck. *Also in this case you can ask your moving company to do it for you for a special rate or even for free while discussing it with the company’s representative.

wrapping and protecting your china

To box your china properly, use dedicated china boxes. You can purchase these in the shops close to your place of residence, and you will save money by purchasing these boxes online while buying all the rest of the materials you need for your move. If you are moving in a rush and don’t have a few days to spare, How To Pack For A Move recommends to buy the boxes and packing materials in the shop. Make sure you don’t leave empty space inside the china box, and that you mark with a quality marker that the items inside are highly fragile. When you finish packing the china box, try to shake it slightly to hear if there are some “dancing” items inside, in that case, re open it and make sure all items a secured.

At Last

you have some dollars to spare, there are moving companies which will be happy to supply you with a full packing move.365 × 548 Moving boxes to pack your home on your upcoming move Don’t confuse the term full packing move with a full service move. Full service moving companies are companies that do door to door moving. Full packing moves means that they will also pack your whole house, while you don’t have to lift a will usually cost extra, but if you can afford it, it’s a nice luxury service that will mostly result in decent and quality protection for your items, depends on the quality of the company you chose. If you are not sure whether to trust the moving company with your packing or not, ask them to send you instruction on how to pack your glass items. It can give you great insight on their professionalism.